Phone: (57) (4) 3132020 Fax: (57)(4) 3131047 Toll free: 01 8000 523232 Address: Carrera 43A No. 9 Sur 51 Av. El Poblado, Medellín. Colombia


RNT: 2301

About Porton

About Hotel Porton Medellin


A bold iconic structure unique in design, Ideally located  at the exclusive, cultural/financial/trade district called “La Milla de oro”.
Fusing elegance and luxury with warm hospitality and personalized direct engagement.

Colombian Registry Tourism Id RNT No. 2301.


It is our commitment to provide hotel services, events, restaurant and additional services to fulfill the requirements of our customers, laws and industry standards.

We have a team of persons able to work and aware of the importance of quality principles. We understand that only by working together and continuously improving our processes we can guarantee an efficient, friendly, personalized and reliable service, allowing the balanced development in all strategic perspectives of our company, preventing health damage of our employees and fulfilling expectations of all interested parties.

We also have a commitment to environmental preservation, promotion and protection of cultural heritage and the improving of our employees life quality and the people of the region.


We are an luxury hotel commitment with continuously improving offering lodging services, events, restaurant and additional, with elegant, personalized service and high quality for you to enjoy a memorable experience.

We develop our service into the frame of an organizational culture based on values, ongoing improvement, innovating spirit, technological support and social and cultural commitment which allow us to stick to our commercial promise, to keep our structure and the reasonable costs.